Visitor/ Contractor Induction Module: ( Second Module)

Safety induction training of the contingent employees, contractors and the visitors entering into a manufacturing facility is a matter of concern for every industry today. It’s a challenging task to train these people who either don’t have industry background or who don’t have proper knowledge and awareness about the safety culture and expectations. Though many systems are in place within the industries in India, those are mostly manually driven. This results into gaps and lapses in contractors / visitors safety induction training

program. This in turn may cause substantial losses and disruptions. Safety Induction Training System (SITS) is a contingent employee, contractor and the visitors Safety Induction Training System. It facilitates an automated safety training delivery to the personnel based on an Audio-Visual program. The standard module encompasses industry standard as well as best practices across the industry. Same can be customized based on the internal policies of respective client. The system generates Safety Pass post successful completion and enables the user to generate various reports based on the requirement.

  • Web based application
  • Application can be converted to mobile App
  • Easy to use
  • Approval mechanism for the contingent employee, contractor and the visitor
  • Live dashboard for Admin, Sub-admin and the Employee
  • Smart set up for the training topic management
  • Notification of the training to the concern
  • Escalation for the pending trainings
  • Evaluation of the training
  • Generation of gate Safety Pass after training completion