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An Employee management system is designed to simplify the process of record maintenance of employees in an organisation. It helps in managingthe information of employees for HR functions. In general, employee management system is a part of a comprehensive Human Resource Management System.
A typical HRMS system, say like the one developed by Vyrazu Labs, of which I am the co-founder comprises of several subsystems. These subsystems contain modules where data related to the following can be fed into the system for generation of requisite information.
Nowaday's, more HR managers are relying on employee management software to help them monitor, improve performance and encourage employees to aim for high productivity. According to a study 67% of companies plan to purchase the applicant tracking system software are specifically looking for performance management solutions.




Training Management System (TMS) is a system used to organise training delivery, curriculums, student records and course communication.




An induction programme is the process used within many businesses to welcome new employees to the company and prepare them for their new role. It helps in ...




EMIS provides a complete, largely automatic, fully integrated, state-of-the-art ICT solution for the environmental management: planning, assessment, compliance .




Tracker Management Systems was founded in 1986 by James M. Weaver, Chairman of the Board. Tow dispatch software designed exclusively for the towing




Audit management software system from MetricStream provides end-to-end functionality for managing the complete audit lifecycle with easy status tracking.


Work permits


Work permits serve as a management measure for potential risks related to ... The aim of a work permit system is to record the agreements made and measures ...